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B. Venkateshwar Rao, 3rd Dec 2004

It flashed in my mind this morning!!
The Perspective is very simple. This will be clear to the people who serve or served on the Boards of Companies or Corporations. Let me explain. In a company there are shareholders. Any group that owns or controls more than 50% shares is a majority shareholder. The rest are the minority shareholders. The majority group selects the Board, Chairman, President etc. They make the policies and objectives and they select the projects. They manage the available resources including finances as they see fit.

Any government including the AP government is similar to a typical company. The Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in the State Assembly constitute Power. The Telangana region has 107 seats and the Andhra region has 187 seats. In any democracy the majority will rule. With the majority, the Andhra MLAs will definitely control every thing!! Any rule by the minority is an aberration and cannot last long.

Also, any party that came to power had more MLAs from the Andhra region than from the Telangana. It is very unlikely that most of the MLAs of the winning party will ever come from the Telangana region. Telangana loses again and again! Under the present setup, this is very natural and there is no escape.

The fact that Telangana is a minority is the ROOT CAUSE for lack of the desired and expected development in Telangana. We cannot develop Telangana unless we fix this root cause.

In 1956, when Andhra and Telangana were merged, It was very much similar to the big fish Ė Andhra, swallowing the small fish Ė Telangana! Telangana lost its freedom yet another time. The designs of the majority Andhra rulers to grab the resources of Telangana area have been obvious and are continuing unabated. The recent venture to lift Godavari water into Krishna for the benefit of the coastal Andhra, while the Telangana people are dying is atrocious. The intense lobbying from the Andhra MLAs and their supporters did not allow Telangana to get its fair share.

In a company, the minority shareholders remain as minority shareholders by choice. This happens when they donít have the competence to form and run their own company! Well, this is where we have to ask ourselves -- whether we have the needed competence or not to run our own government. In my mind, the answer is an emphatic yes.

In recent conversations with various leaders and thinkers of the Telangana area, political and non-political, it became clear that their desires and capabilities were always brushed aside by the majority government.

So, the time has come now for all the leaders and thinkers of Telangana, both political and non-political, and for all the good people, to ARISE and be AWAKE to protect the interests of Telangana. Do not rest until the goal of a separate Telangana is reached. Only then, the better times are possible for Telangana people. Donít let any one distort your minds by saying that it will be difficult to sustain Telangana when it is formed. Be fearless. Let FREEDOM reign all over Telangana. God bless Telangana and its people.

B V Rao
3 December 2004
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