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Telangana Development Forum (TDF-USA) is a Not-for-Profit organization (501 (C) (3) # 22-3674333), founded in 1999 to provide platform for the people of Telangana state (29th State of India) for various development and cultural activities. TDF-USA will collaborate with individuals and groups/organizations that may want to take up charitable developmental activities in Telangana. TDF-USA is actively building its local chapters in major cities across USA and may assist with development of international communities similar to that of TDF-USA, TDF-USA is also involved in organizing cultural and family events to help strengthen community bond among people of Telangana living in USA.

Our Mission

Take up initiatives in area of Education, Health, Agriculture and Women empowerment and serve the deprived communities in Telangana.

Actively volunteer for various causes locally in major US cities in partnership with other Not-for-profit organizations.

TDF-USA motto is to contribute “Than – Mann – Dhann”

Than: Volunteering for various activities
Mann: Be the think-tank and catalyst, create awareness
Dhan: Financial contribution

TDF-USA members are being highly encouraged to provide community services by above three methods.

Our Vision
Everyone should have access to basic amenities like Health, Education, Employment.

If you are interested to join TDF, please complete the application form and send it to the address listed on the form.
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Telangana Development Forum - USA.